The National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice (NOSPR) has lived to see its own place. For many years the orchestra did not have a permanent home. However, as usual, after the storm came the sun, and thanks to this the NOSPR is one of the most beautiful buildings in Poland and the world. The project was conceived by Tomasz Konior and his team of architects, and Yosuhisa Toyota of Nagata Acoustic is responsible for the acoustics of the Great Concert Hall.  The NOSPR Main Concert Hall can accommodate up to 1,800 spectators. The stage has been prepared for a 120-member orchestra and a 100-member choir. In the Chamber Hall, 300 people can listen to a concert at once.


The NOSPR building itself is very much in the Silesian tradition with its construction. The facade of the building was made of red brick – the building material of former Silesian factories and mining settlements. Additions in the building were painted red, thus referring to Nikiszowiec – the most famous workers’ settlement.


The structure, which was finished in 2015, stands out for its post-industrial aesthetics and practical design. It is a location that combines functions for conventions, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, and performances. The venue, together with the nearby Spodek, is one of the largest convention, exposition, and performance venues in the nation with a capacity for 15,000 people. The ICC, together with the Silesian Museum, the NOSPR and the Spodek, co-create the Culture Zone, a new part of Katowice dedicated to culture, located on former industrial sites. It is the largest convention center in Poland.